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How to Care for your Silk and Wool





Regular washing can damage fibres over time, so washing your scarf is only recommended when necessary.  Airing in a steamy bathroom will refresh a scarf.

Stains can be spot cleaned, preferably while the stain is still wet. Using a mixture of tepid water and washing-up liquid, gently blot out the stain with a clean sponge.  For stubborn stains, soak the stained area overnight in this mixture. It is not recommended to use any brightening spot cleaning products, as these can bleach colours.  

Should a scarf need a full clean, it can be washed gently by hand in cool water with a silk and wool washing liquid.  It's important not to use standard detergents as these contain chemicals that damage the natural fibres.  Please do not use a washing machine as it can over-agitate the fibres, which over time will damage the scarf.  

Washing Instructions:

- Use a large container with cool water.  

- Add the silk and wool washing liquid, followed by the scarf.

- Allow the scarf to absorb the water and gently squeeze it through.  Do not rub as the fibres are at their most delicate when wet.

- Leave to soak for 30 minutes or until any stains are lifted off.  

- Rinse in cold water.  Do not wring the scarf - gently squeeze out the water.  

- Remove excess water by rolling the scarf in a towel, like a swiss roll.

- Lay the scarf flat to dry.  Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

- Once dry, steam iron on a low silk setting.


To store, fold in acid-free tissue paper and keep in a sealed bag or box. Before wearing again, hang in a humid room to drop out any creases.




Wool is naturally dirt repelling and stains should be allowed to dry before being gently brushed off the surface.

Rugs have been protected with an anti-moth treatment.  To prevent any future damage from moths please use an anti-moth treatment spray suitable for handwoven rugs every year, or according to product instructions.  


To store, roll the rug on a cardboard tube with a layer of bubble-wrap or acid-free tissue between the rolls. Then keep in a sealed storage bag in a damp-free environment.

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